Unisono believes in brilliance. Your brilliance. Our work discovers the source of your brilliance so we can help you share it with your audience in delightfully compelling ways. Expressing your brilliance makes people want to get involved with your brand and that leads to amazing results.


Redbull Malja Site.

Redbull Malja Site.

Unisono have launched this stunning new web and mobile app for Redbull's Unique Malja Art Space in Bahrain.

Ritz Carlton Menus.

Ritz Carlton Menus.

Almost as tasty as the food, these new menus for Bahrain's premier hotel add a touch of class to match the beautiful interiors.

GFH Print.

GFH Print.

A fine collection of bespoke printed works for this regional banking brand including a corporate profile and reporting system.

GFH Rebrand.

GFH Rebrand.

Rebranding one of the region's most notable Islamic investment banks into a new financial group

Wanted. Studio and Traffic Manager. Bahrain

Brilliant time manager with good knowledge of prepress and production required to join our ever expanding and very sought after studio in Bahrain.


Blog. Brand design is all about feeling.

If brand strategy and design was boiled down to just one thing it would be 'feeling'. What is the right feeling you want customers to have when they experience your brand?

Wanted. Regional Account Director with 5 – 7 years experience.

Unisono is looking to hire an Account Director to lead a team of Account Managers and Executives across a range of clients in various sectors. 5 - 7 Years Experience required.


Blog. Daily Tribune interview on branding in Bahrain.

One of Bahrain's local English dailies popped by our offices for a quick catch up on all things branding and design related in the Kingdom - jolly nice it was too.

Unisono appointed to Dilmunia sub-brand campaign

Agency reappointed to develop a new sub-brand for Bahrain's most distinctive island development.

Unisono appointed to create new sub-brand for MAF.

Unisono wins new strategic branding project to create a new subbrand for regional super brand MAF.

What does ‘Unisono’ mean?

This name sounds a bit weird doesn't it? That is one of the reasons why we chose it. The other reasons are explained here.

Unisono wins new sub-brand and advertising campaign for ADIB

Abu Dhabi's leading Islamic bank ADIB has appointed Unisono to create a new sub-brand to help it expand its customer offerings.

Unisono wins five new branding awards in 2014

Unisono won big in branding in 2014 with no fewer than five international awards for excellence at three shows.


Blog. Why belief based branding is essential if companies want to succeed in creating an emotional bond with their customers

If your brand wants to make real impact and create greater engagement, it needs to start communicating what it believes in before it starts talking about what it is selling.

Batelco World Cup.

Batelco World Cup.

Not everyone likes football, but everyone loves the world cup. Cheeky world support campaign for Bahraini soccer fans.

Batelco Campaigns.

Batelco Campaigns.

A small sample of some of our one-off campaigns in one easily digested post. Yum.

Unisono trains Tamkeen and TwoFour54 design students

Unisono's creative director was recently giving a little back to students from Tamkeen's joint education venture with the Emirati TwoFour54 initiative.

Wanted. Account Manager for our Dubai office. 3 – 5 years experience required.

Urgently required for our growing Dubai office, Account Manager with 3 - 5 years agency experience.

Batelco 4G Launch.

Batelco 4G Launch.

This campaign launched to much ado and some interesting interpretations, helping to spur sales of Batelco's flagship mobile service.

Brand Auditing.

Need to know where your brand equity lies, or what cornerstones your brand's perception rests on? A brand audit gives you the key insights you need to grow.